Dear Life/friends/anyone involved in helping plan this G-dforsaken benefit,

WTF, man? All i want to do is throw this benefit and make a lot of money to help a kid get his sight back. However, most of my friends involved in planning this are dropping out or doing something else
totally shitty that is PREVENTING this. And to you, YOU, friend-who-i-constantly-swear-off-on-this-blog, you are the WORST. I gave you a second chance at participating in this and you just brushed this chance off as if it were just another stupid silly show being played with some other stupid silly local band at the closest hipster bar. I am SO sick of waking up everyday thinking "shit, is this the day i concede and give up?" Throw me a bone, here. Help me out. GIVE A SHIT FOR ONCE. This isn't about you, its NOT about me. Its about a family and their 2 year old who can't see and who needs to go to China for stem-cell therapy.


(whew, that felt good. sorry for the awful grammar and sentence structure, everyone. sometimes you just gotta type it alllll out.)

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