Dear Most Recent Male to Bruise My Ego,

When you suggest watching a movie, and I later text you to see if that's still on, ignoring me is pretty rude. I liked you better when you were interested in me, and not just for the obvious reasons. Seriously, considering that nothing has actually changed in our friendship since the end of March, I don't know why suddenly you're acting like a jerk.

Don't worry, I'll take the hint and stop trying to hang out with you if that's what you're trying to get across, but just find the balls to tell me that.


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Anonymous said...

Ditch him. Ditch his sorry ass. I've been in this situation waaaay too many times, and no matter how many signals they give you, no matter how loving they seem,no matter how interested they portray themselves, you'll never tie them down and they'll just lie to you. You are better than that and worth three times more the type of woman he SHOULD be with.

still bitter (you will be for awhile)-