dear life,

My dream man has always been a lefthanded, tall boy with curly dark hair and blue eyes. is it too good to be true that my crush is all of the above?!

oh oh oh and our birthdays are 6 days apart. and his birthday is my lucky number.

and he mighttttt (sources point to yes) be crushing on me!

please be fate,

ps. rereading this made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. hello eighth grade crushes.


cj said...

Eighth grade crushes never actually go away, J. Personally, i think you should eighth-grade-style crush on your future husband. That's bliss, baby. Sure signs.

Anonymous said...

Being left-handed is one of the qualities you want in a man? Any reason why?

A said...

Personally, I prefer my men to be equally adept in both hands. It means he is practical AND creative. Not to mention my ambidexterious boyfriend knows how to work my bod using the righty and the lefty at the same time and it's pretty awesome.