Dear Parents Who Make Use of "Customers With Children" Parking Spaces,

Perhaps having children and massive four-wheel-drive prams really does make your life that much harder. Perhaps it takes all the joy out of grocery shopping. Perhaps getting preferential parking makes everything better.

Here are some other things that make grocery shopping harder: obesity, veruca warts, haemorrhoids, being old, being short and stumpy, cancer, anorexia .... you get the idea.

So get off your high-horse already. You chose to have children. Just because Wal-Mart has decided it's in the best interests of the company to make their procreating customers feel validated does not mean you get to act like a total pratt and judge people for flouting these ridiculous parking space regulations.

Judging you and your baby-on-board sticker every time I see you smugly clamber out of your massive parked-at-the-entrance-SUV with your babyGAP-clad junior,


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