Oh Snap!

Dear boyfriend's immature, irresponsible friend,

You invited yourself to stay at our place last night when you were completely wasted. I will not even start to comment on the fact that you are too old to act like you did and drink to that much and you should really know your limits by now. I didn't really mind if you crashed on our couch but when I woke up to pee at 7am I was greeted to you passed out on the floor with two large piles of vommit on our white carpet. Needless to say I was not amused. I went back to bed and figured you could clean it in the morning. Unfortunatly, when I woke up you had already tried to clean it-- with clorox bleach spray from the kitchen that specifically says "NOT TO BE USED ON CARPET OR FABRIC." Now instead of there being two piles of vommit on the white carpet there are two large pink stains that will be there forever. I hope you plan on paying for our apartment to replace the carpet when we move out in 2 months. If this isn't bad enough, you never mentioned that you threw up or bleached the carpet. You just acted like nothing happened. That is so incredibly disrespectful. I figured my boyfriend would tell you off (WRONG) but when I found out he didn't it only made me more mad. Therefore I am also writing a shortened version of this rant on your facebook wall so hopefully others can see how much of a fucking asshole you are. Obviously you are never welcome to stay with us again.



Anonymous said...


'Nuff said. :P


Anonymous said...

Similar experience: I had a buddy pass out on my bed. I was going to be nice and sleep on the couch so he could stay there and not have to walk a mile home. Instead, I walked back into my room to see him vomiting into the back corner of my bed. Not forward on the easily cleanable wood floor, but on pillows and my mattress and the wall. He tried to clean up but was so drunk he couldn't see, and left. This was at 3:30 a.m., and it took me 2 hours to scrub the walls, bleach my sheets and rid my room of the chunks of barf everywhere. By the end of it I had figured out what he had eaten that evening. Oh, and my hot water heater was broken so I had to choose between a cold shower or none.

I totally feel your pain, assholes suck. Just be glad you didn't have to deal with any actual vomit.

Anonymous said...

my flatmate once peed in someone's bed WITH someone else in the bed.

i'm not sure which is grosser. vomit or urine.

alcohol makes us do very, very bad things. sorry about the misfortune, loves.

-remaining anonymous in an atlantic seaboard state for fear said flatmate finds this posting and might actually kill me.