What the hell?! I just don't get you. I am a unique individual, my friends would even say there was no one like me if pressed to describe me. Then you come along with your snotty posts that just undermine my whole essence. I love my pashmina ok? I love my gray New Balances, and I do know how to use proper grammar at all times, and I LIKE IT. I'm also not completely convinced that you are not my friend on facebook what with the way you seem to get the ideas about your posts from my interests and about me sections. So if you could just stop reading my mind and lowering my self esteem by relegating me to just another white gal, I would appreciate it.
Oh and by the way- I decided to not go to the Ivys, and instead went to a small liberal arts college even though the Ivys recruited me athletics- so there.

Enjoying my cereal with soy milk in my Siig water bottle,


Anonymous said...

that blog is only pointing out the people who like to indulge in the advantages of being white, but don't like to admit it. don't take it too personally, dude. seriously.


Anonymous said...

EDIT: heyyyy ... just reread your post and realized you're FRIENDS with this girl. okay. then ignore my last comment, and take it as personally as you like. ...i only said what i said because i have read the site, and asked the girl which white people she meant, and it seemed reasonable to me. but it sounds like it IS personal. so forgive my previous comment.


cj said...

that still doesn't make sense to me. how can one "indulge in the advantages of being white", when the examples she gives consist of scarves, tennis shoes, giving kids wine and so forth?

i am not saying the website isn't funny (i actually "relate" to 99 percent of all of that stuff, save the ivy league entry. i never considered the Ivy's mainly because i am too poor...), i'm just saying i don't really think there is a huge underlying philosophical breakthrough. its just funny, people.

-end rant. mamma needs her coffee-


Anonymous said...

haha- i can guarantee that the entry was written in a sarcastic manner. the person who wrote the dear life isn't actually mad (or facebook friends with the person)... just pointing out that the blogger is almost a mind reader.

Anonymous said...

OHHHHH. I'M a douche bag. lolz. i must've been drunk when i read that post.


Anonymous said...

...I love it when we whiteys get mad at or confused by the whitey stereotype. It's so CUTE.

OF COURSE it's not true...we know that every OTHER stereotype happens to be true...but not the one about white people. Every glass of homogonized skim milk really IS different...

Lookie here...for example: this glass has some shit in it. That one's from a family dairy. See? Total uniqueness. Like every McDonald's Happy Meal.




p.s. OMFG we really are the Roman Empire in decline...

Anonymous said...

I actually figured the whole thing (blog) was written by a white person CJ- You didn't consider Ivies because you couldn't get in, methinks.


Anonymous said...

Dear T:

in response to:
"p.s. OMFG we really are the Roman Empire in decline..."

yes, yes we are:

bad recording, but still worth watching.

- ML