Dear Guy Who Lives on My Street,

While I am flattered by your attention, you really need to work on your delivery. Sneaking up behind me and abruptly stating "You are very beautiful" in a thick Eastern European accent is more creepy then attractive I must say. And you follow up line "I watch you every day" really creeped me out. Especially since I've never seen you before in my life. Furthermore, literally chasing me down the street while begging to give me your number (even though I told you I'm moving tout of the country like, tomorrow) was a really poor move.

I suggest you work on those things before some poor girl slaps you with a restraining order. Or whatever they call those things in Britain.

Kind of glad I'm moving tomorrow,

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Anonymous said...

be VERY careful girl. That guy might see this as his last chance to get you. Carry something sharp and painful for him, just in case he wanna act crazy. Take no chances...

Much luck with moving. :)