Dear Facebook Threads,

I wish I knew in advance that when I replied to one of my best friends, I ALSO replied to 8 other people (boy and girls). If I did know this, I wouldn't have gone into graphic detail about my sex life and when I started my period.

For the people I DO know on that list, I never want to show my face around you ever again. For the people I DON'T know, I'm glad my facebook picture was conveniently displayed on the side of my reply so you could imagine exactly who says such lewd things.

I want to kill myself.



Anonymous said...

ohhhhh dear. i could've told you from past, similar, terrible experiences.



Anonymous said...


Um...maybe you should try to say that a hacker sent out that message and that it wasn't you.

but then again, if they know you well, they would KNOW that that is how you talk anyway tho. so nvm... :(


The Alleged Ringleader said...

Eeeeek!! I did not know that! Lord knows what nonsense I have replied.
Thanks for the heads up!