Dear being honest,

You feel good. I went on a date last night. I wasn't into the guy. He texted me after to tell me how much fun he had and he wanted to hang out soon. I called back, told him I thought he would appreciate me being honest rather than making up some excuse and playing games. I simply told him I wasn't interested and I didn't feel any chemistry.

It was simple, to the point and clean. Nobody got off the phone confused or expecting more than was going to happen. I blatantly told him what page I was on, or not on for that matter.

Although I'm sure he didn't like hearing it at least he doesn't have to wonder. I don't have to ignore texts or make up excuses. Score.

I like your policy, honesty. I think I'll keep you around. Oh, and I wouldn't mind if you gave a visit to everyone else in my life.

Keep it real, my friend,
M in SF

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