Dear America,

As if we need proof that you are full of idiots, I give you Exhibit A: SAT scores
are falling again.(;_ylt=AnJc8EPxg6K40cv3y6H.UVWs0NUE ) to an average barely above 1000 -- and last I checked, you got 400 points for getting your NAME right. Then there's Exhibit B: Miss South Carolina needed a second chance to answer a simple question (;_ylt=AhE.lYW1vrT..h0depFN7ys0NUE) because she screwed it up so badly the first time.

Normally, the fact that she's been accepted at an institution of higher learning (and I don't mean University of Phoenix) would make me weep tears of sadness for the future. But I'd chalk it up to an aberation. Now that I know there are thousands of kids scoring UNDER ~1000 on the SAT (remember, an average score means half score lower), having taken the test thinking they were college-bound (minus Mainers--read the article), I know the truth: we have reached our capacity of stupid. And most of them will be voting in the 2008 presidential election.

So, either start administering IQ tests at the borders, or this girl will be taking her high SAT score and IQ and moving to Denmark.

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of dipshits,

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Anonymous said...


You're thinking median, not average. If the median score is 1,000, half are above and half are below. For average, you can have 3 people score 1,300 and one scores 100, your average will be 1,000.

So yes, it's still bad, but not as bad as you think.