Dear R,

Kelly Kapowski would totally be calling you a homewrecker right about now.

Ask Yourself "WWKKD?",


Anonymous said...

Kelly was always so lovely and ultra, out-of-reach HOT. She was the first girl I who ever imagined cumming, and she got wet it blew my little 12 year old brain.

Anonymous said...

Safely if her suburban Californian bedroom after school on a day when she'd been thinking about forbidden erotic pleasure even more than was normally for her, Kelly raised her mini skirt, adjusted her underwear, delicately but decisively exposed her erect teenage clitoris. The star of her fantasy was her 11th grade art teacher, and the intensity of her arousal was unbearable for her. As her fingertip made its fourth tiny circle around the flared ridge where the glans of her clit met the shaft, a sudden jet of clear fluid sprayed from between her thighs. She was 17 years old, and Kelly Kapowski, America's sweetheart, was having her first encounter with the mysterious phenomenon of female ejaculation. Apparently, in some cases, it can occur from clitoral stimulation alone.

Anonymous said...

When Kelly Kapowski was 17 years old she had a sexual relationship with her manager at the diner that she worked that at the time. He was an adult and she was an underage girl, so the fact of him sucking her nipples was technically illegal but it was a pleasurable experience for both of them.
In addition to sucking Kelly's nipples, her boss, Mr. Hunter also liked to caress her through her panties. By doing both these things at the same time (sucking her nipples and massaging her pussy through her panties) he was able to bring her to very strong Orgasms. Kelly wasn't limited to just one orgasm per session, either. Her attraction to Mr. Hunter was very intense, and if he continued massaging her through her panties after her first orgasm, she would continue having orgasms, and her underwear would get soaked.
It got to the point where Kelly wanted to fuck, but Mr. Hunter wasn't willing to because she wasn't 18 yet. Meanwhile Mr. Hunter was fucking several college chicks and he was just as happy to get Kelly off by sucking her nipples and rubbing her wet little cunt through her panties.
One time, and sadly was only one time, Mr. Hunter performed oral sex on Kelly. Prior to going down on her, he got her off in her panties a whole bunch of times (I think it was about six), and then he took the panties off. They were totally soaked with Kelly's adolescent cum. Her cum was thick, slimy and whitish. There was so much of it it appeared as though she had ejaculated into her thong. He showed them to her and said: "look at them, they are fucking soaked".
He lifted her onto his desk, spread her legs and began performing oral sex on her. Her beautiful 17-year-old clitoris was protruding deliciously outwards from the top of her dripping wet little pussy lips, and when Mr. Hunter pulled the top of Kelly's labia back, The effect was almost startling in terms of how aroused she looked. Her clitoris literally looked like a miniature penis. He sucked it very gently, and immediately Kelly ejaculated. He stopped sucking for long enough for Kelly to recover from her most recent orgasm, then he pulled the plug back and began sucking it even more gently that he had done before. After 30 seconds he changed his sucking style and begin sucking it a little bit harder, and once again Kelly ejaculated. This form of cunnilingus continued for the next 20 minutes, and Kelly ejaculated 15 times.