Dear sex (oral and otherwise),

I am really struggling lately with the fact that I am seemingly unable to engage in you without some sort of an emotional attachment involved. Maybe it's solid morals or high standards, but the more I think about it, I can't decide whether this is a blessing or a curse. Due to my firm commitment to my j-o-b I cannot be bothered exerting the time and energy that it takes to commit to an actual human being. Hence, a schedule that's extremely condusive to a slew of flings and one-night stands. However, not being able to distinguish between my vag and my heart makes this nearly impossible and leaves me longing for peen more than ever. I wish I could cease this typical female behavior and just slut it out for once in my life. But would this only be opening an even bigger can of worms?

Buying a vibe,
Emotionally Anonymous.

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