Dear Apartment Complex Management,

Apparently you guys are the fun police. Just got your notice that the pool is turning into too much of a *party scene* and alcohol will be strictly prohibited from now on.

Guess what?! No one gives a fuck that families want to use the pool without a bunch of drunk 20 somethings harassing them while blowing cig smoke in their faces. Last time I checked we were the majority, and majority rules. If I were you, I would watch your back because we just might overthrow your tyrannical ways.

AND as if this rule wasn't stifling enough, you had to throw in that if people are caught sneaking into the pool after dark (probably the coolest thing ever) then they may face termination of their lease.

lame. lame. lame.

Life would be infinity times better if ya'll weren't so damn uptight. I hate authority.

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