Dear Vanessa Hudgens aka Gabriella Montez from High School Musical,

Stop being so freaking hot and precious at the same time. I JUST saw your new video today with your boo, Zac Efron. Thinking about the fact you guys actually are an item and make out in real life (which is frequently caught by the paparazzi-THANK GOD) makes me want to squeeze ten puppies at once. "Zanessa" is seriously the best thing that's happened to me ever since Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody were together. Please never break up or I will just die.

And I'm obsessed with this video. It's borderline as good as Duff's "Stranger". Gosh, I'm such an undercover tween lover.


P.S. I just read in a magazine that in real life you wear the "T" necklace his character gives yours in the second movie. Can we switch lives?
P.P.S. Please inspire Justin and Britney to get back togeth.

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