Dear 2008,

The world isnt even 2 weeks into you yet and i already know you are going to suck ass. First of all my Grandpa goes into the hospital on New Years Day where he is most likely going to spend the rest of his days, and how many days does he has left?? i have no fucking idea because my parents think it would be a good idea to keep that from me. Visiting him everyday and seeing how much he has deteriorated from 6 months ago is breaking my heart. fuck i cant even type about it without bursting into tears.
And now my Nanna has gone into hospital as well, i really cant handle all of this, i dont even know how my parents are either. Not only that but my brothers gf thinks she is a part of our family so therefore she needs to voice her opinion on all of this, Bitch, back the fuck off. you 2 havent even been together for a yr so i dont think you have a right to open your big mouth about this, those 2 people mean the world to me so when i hear you talk about them like its your family i could just about slap you in the face because you dont mean shit to me.
To top it all off there is a mouse or some sort of creature stuck in my walls running around at all hours of the night.


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