Dear Last Week/This weekend,

You suck for these reasons:

1) I went to work on Tuesday wearing my favorite hooded wool jacket. And although it was crazy warm, it had a nice cum stain right in the center of the back of the jacket which I did not notice until I got into my car at the end of the day. Damn car sex from the night before! I forgot that I had used the jacket as a seat protector. I wonder if my coworker's noticed at all...

2) At a karaoke bar on Friday night, my best friend from college commences to rub my belly like a genie and ask me if I was pregnant. SNF since the bitch just lost 15 lbs over the past 7 months, now she thinks she's fucking ANTM and shit. But oh well, at least I get laid 6 times during the week and 5 times on Sundays, so boo on you and your flat abs, trick!

3) I was chosen to be a pollworker (not to be confused with "Pole-worker"...i don't do that anymore) for the upcoming elections out here. Pays $325 for one days work. I go to confirm that I'm a registered voter in my hometown and guess what? Hells nah, i'm not! wtf?! ad9q49q43/@$@$6qQ#$%@$#@$@%$T^@$$! freakin Bushlicker!

Needless to say, alls i've got left is sex. But then again, thats not too shabby.

Hoping that next week is a wee bit betta,
TR with the Monday Blues


ML said...

hey dude. i mean. guys like a little bit of belly. gives a good shape. it means you actually eat food. it makes you real. so screw girls with tight abs. it's unrealistic, and it's obvious who gets the sex in the end.

Anonymous said...

haha, thanks! :)