Dear Three-Day MLK bday weekend,

Talk about a soap opera of events...

Friday -
Major make-out session AS SOON as the little one went to bed ( be an adult)
Innocent Slumber Party with the BF (seriously innocent...i slept on the couch...he still lives with his mom, who refuses to let us sleep in bed together...*sad panda*)

Saturday -
Early morning garage sale with my mom until 4pm
Almost got stabbed at a talent show in Westchester

Sunday -
Forced to endure one of the bf's exes at a mutual friend's bday dinner. (Thank God I'm so cute and funny that all The Exes LOVE me...or at least they do when i see them and then hate me for being so cute and funny and taking their terribly handsome and VERY WELL HUNG ex-bf from them. haha!)
The Cool Kids at this hole in the wall bar in Hollywood (Drama: one of the BF's loser friends TOTALLY stood up one of my poor single friends because he is an inefficient a**hole, thus, buzzed TR issued out a much-deserved tongue lashing to said Inefficient A**shole. Then, BF goes behind my back and says that I "overreacted a bit". That leads to me delivering yet another much-deserved tongue lashing. Public argument ensues, BF calls me Baby Mama's name to the effect of "stop acting like BM". All hell breaks loose. BF is stranded on 101 freeway for BM remark. Lots of screaming and crying in the middle of the street. BF is eventually welcomed back in car. TR takes BF home and has awesome revenge/hate/passionate love/make-up sex.)

Monday -
Morning Wood sex (my fave!!!)
Mid-morning sex (my fave too!)
Afternoon sex (interrupted by Chatty Roommate. Her bad, not mine. I have no remorse for walking out of my room in my underwear, still sweaty from Afternoon Sex.)
BBQ and BJ in bed
Chatty Roommate's bday dinner with Chatty Family (I really love them, they're so cute. but I need them to someday realize that there is a limit to my affection for them. Time-limit, that is.)

Happy Birthday Docta Martin Luther Da King Junior! Your efforts towards building a nation where the color of your skin (mine = brown like wet sand) is not as important as the content of your character (mine = drunk bitchfests and make-up sex). I love you man!

Possibly setting my race back about 20 years,

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