Dear Today,

Could you get any worse? First I wake up to the phone ringing, only to see it's work. WTF don't call me before I'm supposed to even be there and expect me to help with the crisis of the moment. Sleep is more important to me that work will ever be. Then I get to work and it only goes down hill from there, but we don't need to relive that. I then come home to my toilet leaking through my ceiling which, I just spent 300 bones to get fixed. So after I mop that up I sit down to watch some shows in my DVR, instead I hear a terrible noise coming from the box, like it's about to take off or something. I call the cable company and they tell me to reset it, in turn cancelling my American Idol recording, and never coming back on. Thus I have lost everything in my DVR and I can no longer watch TV until they come out on Friday to give me a new box. At this point I'm so pissed I go outside to smoke a cig, and somehow manage to lock myself out. Just wonderful. My cell phone is dying and I am in bright orange and yellow pj's in the now pouring down rain. I quickly call a friend to get an emergency
locksmith's number(thank god for friends!). 35 mins later two slightly shady charcters arrive to 'break' into my house, and in mere seconds have my door open (kinda scary). 100 bones later, I am finally back in my warm house wishing this day would end promptly!

Hoping tomorrow is just slightly better,

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