Dear Hypothermia/The Flu, SUCK. After getting locked out at 1am on a Monday night, not being able to reach my roommate, waiting half an hour in the FREEZING COLD wearing really insufficient clothing and then having to call my PARENTS to come pick me up, listening to my mother berate me in the car home - telling me i am 'a drunk' who sleeps all day (what?) and doesn't care about her job, and hangs out with 'the wrong crowd' (NEWSFLASH, MOM: I AM the 'wrong crowd' and those people are my friends), then spending the hours from 2-5am awake in bed with uncontrollable shivers, wearing every article of clothing I could find in my parent's house, the LAST thing I need is to be punished for my questionable actions yet again, by my immune system. I don't have any sick leave accrued yet - please don't make me take two days off the first month of the year! That is SO unfair.


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