Dear Boy Scout,

I'm sorry we played romantic interests in my previous show, because in perhaps the most cliched move of my life (other than falling for my manager… whoops), I sort of fell for you. But what's even better is that I think you're kind of falling for me as well. We sure have come a long way from your flat out ignorance of my fabulous existance. Even though I had to initate the DTR talk, you were refreshingly honest about wanting only friendship, and I appreciate that. I appreciate even more how we totally lived it up New Year's Eve at your place after the show… and two days after that… and two days after that (as just friends, of course). Even your calling quits to the hooking up was not so bad, because you explained you didn't want to go too far with me and take my V-Card. You really are a boy scout. But our cuddle-fest the night after my first day of classes? Awesome. Grocery shopping with you? Fantastic. Having you text me every day since then (sometimes more than once) with "how is your day?" or random crap like, "I just hunted two cats"? Unbelievable.
I've never had a guy that works this hard when we're still in the "just friends" category… and who knows, maybe another DTR (initiated by you, this time?) will be in our near future. Non-asshole, responsible guys that make me happy? What a concept. I think A and G have started a new trend… and I'm more than willing to subscribe.

Joining the movement,

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