Dear Life aka Dear Girl I've tried to go out with for 2 years like a complete wanker.

The whole, I was in a "serious" relationship for 4-years even though said douche was in another city for most of it and worse led to you having some major debt because you were flying to meet him in a total 3rd rate city is kind of seriously not very hot. It's old. And even worse that this behavior led you to lead me on sort of continually for that entire time frame might almost hurt.

And yet, since you broke up with him, I've thought we were on the road to well being and total hotness but the news of you speaking to him, actually seeing him (twice), not telling me you did so, and worse stringing me along like a hickish rube are kind of super not hot. What gives?

Shit or get off the pot, or you'll be alone, kind of baron, and crying forever about this ahole who made you fly to nowheresville and do his evil bidding. 'Cause I'm kind of your soul mate and this douche is complete bullshitery.

Thanks for kind of torturing me for 24 months, particularly right now. Let me know when your ready to deal and or not deal.


PS: You're serious with all your lame aloofness? Bah, I'm over it. Sigh. Call me when you're not playing war games WOPR style

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Anonymous said...

J ... do we know each other? or do girls pull this shit all over the place? because this is happening to a good friend of mine right now ...