Dear Christians:

Believing that unless you have a totally silent birth you will be traumatized by "engrams" is not really that different from believing that a virgin gave birth to a baby who grew to be the son of god, took away our sins, and arose from the dead. Stop shoving it down my throat already--it didn't take the first time for a reason.

Oh, and get off my uterus,


Tyler the Video Guy said...

I said the same thing, and they were like "Shut up" and and I was like "You shut up" and they were like "Uh uh" and I was like "Uh huh" and they were like "Oh really" and I was like "Yeah really" and then they were like "We're gonna burn you at the stake heathen" and I was like "Uh uh" and they were like "Uh huh" so I prayed to Flying Spaghetti Monster to save me and he sent down his noodly appendage and we danced in rivers of marinara for a week. True story. Ramen.

Anonymous said...

lolz!! true true