Dear adorable 6 ft 4 guy who slept over last night,

Did you know that the key to whether it would work between a guy and me is if I can sleep comfortably in a bed with him? I know you didn't sleep comfortably thanks to my snoring, talking in my sleep, and near kick to the balls that you informed me of this morning...but I sure did. Thank you for respecting the no hanky panky rule after I established it and sorry for waiting until we were both stripped down to draw the line (oops). Also thank you for the chatter this morning for almost two hours about our lives along with all of the compliments and sweet kisses. My only question to you is, why didn't you get my number when I took you home this morning? Are you going to get it from our mutual friend or should I expect that this was a one time deal?

Smiling yet a little confused,

PS - I really appreciate the fact that you made my bed while I was brushing my teeth and proceeded to tell me how cute I was while performing said action. Also, I like the fact that you noticed my bath robe and thought it was "adorable" that I owned such an accessory.

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