Dear Immune System,

As of today, we are no longer on speaking terms. I'm not sure what you have against me, or why you want to ruin my (more or less perfect) life, but ever since I got to London you've decided that you deserve a permanent vacation. The constant coughs, colds and flus were pretty unpleasant, but managable. I mean, we all make mistakes, I slipped you some vitamin c and let is slide. The full body aches and dripping nose which almost caused me to miss The Perfect London Date made me kind of angry.But that worked out in the end, so fine.

What I'm really NOT okay with is this incredibly painful deep tissue Staph infection you let slip under your radar. Going to the ER at 6am? Not really very fun. Almost unbearable pain everytime I try to walk and/or sit up? Extremely not fun. Your negligence made me miss three days of work and now i am back and in constant pain. Seriously, here is my thought process right now "Oww Oww Oww Oww Oww."

Immune System, you are supposed to be part of a team- Team Shameless. When you don't do your part, the whole collective suffers. And trust me right now nobody is thanking you. So please: get it together and work with our new team member Penicillan to make a change.

I'm at your mercy,

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