Dear baby sister,

I know that last year you turned 19, and thus making you a self-proclaimed "adult", but how about laying off the childish games for like 5 minutes. I mean, at first, it was kinda cute for you to broadcast your entire LIFE on your away message on a daily basis. But seriously, you are now up to HOURLY updates, and i'm considering the possibility that maybe you have stopped going to class just so that you can update your sidekick.

If we were to include in all this, the fact that EVERY SINGLE TIME, you put up some "controversial" message, you end up offending someone and getting into some kind of confrontation. Is that the purpose of your phone? is that why I pay $100 a month to keep it on? So that you can be 500 miles away from home, fighting like a drunken gypsy or something? I don't think so.

Hate to pull second-string parent here on ya, Kid sis, but...(**Warning: Parental language to follow**) I work too hard at a job that I don't like, for you to be running a muck with lil bastards that have nothing to do with your education, grades, or overall well being. I could honestly give a rat's ass if you ever have friends at all. I don't care, as long as you graduate from college, you spoiled, inconsiderate little brat! *deep breath*

Here's a tip: if you need to say something that you feel strongly about, be like me. I would much rather hide behind the cloak of modern technology and use random blogs to vent my frustrations and then sign off with clever alias' such as "sexymama08", "TR" and "girl without a name", then to use my real name and pretty much email my feelings to all my close friends and loved ones.

Oh yeah, and this whole pseudo-bipolar thing (happy one minute, "depressed" another) is soooooo Britney 2007.

Being the best big sister I can be without choking her drama-queen ass out,


jec said...

TR: I would like to take your post and change the title to Dear little brother. Oh and change the phone part to rent and electric bill. We are good big sisters....

Anonymous said...

for sure. i guess heaven is our only repayment at this point, eh? lol

allie said...

wow....finally someone i can relate to about that!! my younger (17 year old) sister pulls the same bull shit! they act as if life doesn't exist beyond the internet..