Dear Guitar Playing Coworker,

Yesterday morning you made a point of coming over to introduce yourself, and today you sat next to me at lunch and made semi-awkward small talk and did super cute things like get my dessert for me. I won't lie, I'm kind of stoked- I've had a tiny crush on you ever since the corporate Christmas party where you wore a hot pink shirt and a wig and played guitar for the inhouse eighties cover band (WHAT is it about men with guitars?!?!). Tall, skinny, british and plays guitar= almost irresistable.

But resist I'm afraid I must. See, as adorable as you are, I'm kind of super smitten with the British Bloke and trying to give this whole monagamy thing a whirl. But please feel free to shower me with attention and desserts some more.

It's not my fault everybody in this country thinks I'm adorable,

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