Dear Life,

Will someone please tell me why it's ok for guys who pretend to lift weights to take over the weight area of the gym? My favorite thing ever is when I go to lift my 3 lbs. weights and am forced to sit next to a group of degenerate males who are lifting weights that are clearly way too heavy for them. If your friend has to have his hands on yours while you lift weights you probably shouldn't be lifting the damn weights because guess what genius: THEY'RE TOO DAMN HEAVY FOR YOU. I also love walking over to the "man" area (the weight lifting area of the gym) and seeing guys sitting on the benches with their big weights sitting at their feet—ok we see you with your big weights wasting space and looking like a jackass and guess what we're thinking: You're an idiot. This entire rant comes from the fact that while I was minding my own business, lifting my 3lbs weights, one of the guys who was lifting the weights that were way too heavy for him in the first place dropped his weights, because they are way too heavy for him, on my foot. NEWS FLASH: IF YOU CAN'T SET THE DAMN WEIGHT ON THE GROUND WITHOUT INJURING SOMEONE THEN YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS LIFTING THEM DUMBASS. And besides, most of the guys who lift weights now who are of college age or going into college are only going develop a beer gut anyway so you might as well quit before you wage a war you will never win. Moral of the story: girls who look like me and look at guys who lift weights that are too heavy for them laugh and thank god they had something amazingly pathetic to look at that day. Makes us feel that much better about ourselves!

Hearts and Stars,
Anna Kathryn

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cj said...

was/is your foot okay or did you acquire more of an injury when you kicked him in the face? because i would have kicked him in the face. just sayin'.