Dear Boys,

I'm seriously starting to hate you all. First my best friend continually bails on me for his ex girlfriend he claims he doesn't even like. And he continually makes empty promises only because he bends to her every beck and call for no good reason. And then second the boy that sketched out on me for three months after a nice normal month of dating shows up last night trying to hook up. Saying things like "I mean we already know each other, so what's the problem? I thought this would be chill." does NOT make me want to have sex with you. EVER.AGAIN. Yeah, and the way you act so pompous that "you're in the real world" and I'm not so I obviously am immature is bullshit and really....who is the loser hanging around college kids pathetically trying to pretend he never graduated.

I'm seriously becoming so jaded, this is not good.

Becoming the cat lady and I don't even like cats,

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