Dear CF:

Have you REALLY never seen that episode of Friends?!?! The one where Monica shows Chandler a woman's erogenous zones?? *siiiigh* Anyway, yes, you have one. Sadly, the only boy I know who can a) find it and b) work it is a yummy Kiwi in London. (And no, Shameless, you can't have him, you slag.)

In a pinch, however, your showerhead will find your seven quite nicely. And in case you have Catholic guilt, you'll already be in the shower and can wash away your sins lickety-split!!

I heart my 10-setting detachable Waterpik,

PS If you ever DO get a boy trained, marry him b/c he'll just take that shit to other girls if you don't and do you really want to be the training wheels? I think not.

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