dear ex-boy that i'm on again off again with and only seem to be on with in the spring/summer,

hi. i miss you. i know i'm not supposed to be thinking about you til mid-marchish but i really do miss you. you understand me better than everyone else. and you're really cute. plus, we're one of those really *good* couples. the gross couples that everyone hates because we get along so well but not in a clingy kinda way.

so come on, fourth spring/summer in a row, cant you last this time? cause i know i dig autumn. and i can learn to like winter? so, can't weeeee make it through those? cause it doesn't make sense to be so good together during two goddamn seasons in a year but then the other two we don't even talk?! fuck that.

rooting for longer than 6 months,

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Anonymous said...

Dear J,
Thanks for validating my frustration over my own spring-summer guy.

Sing it sister,