Dear Lifers:

(from CCN.COM)
CNN: What would you say to the person who dismisses all of this as an
excess of vanity?

Charla Krupp: "I really, really believe that we have to stop thinking of beauty as
superficial because it's what makes us feel good. It gives you the confidence you need to exist in this world, and to survive. If anyone has any doubts about it, think of the days that you're sick and you never get out of your bathrobe and you look like hell — you feel like hell! But the times you get dressed up and look in the mirror and say, "My God! I look fantastic!" — it's such an up. I remember when I was sick and my aunt used to say, "Take a shower. Do your hair. Put makeup on." It does make a difference. I just think if you treat yourself better, you'll just feel so much better, competent and happier.",8599,1699744,00.html?cnn=yes

Stay pretty, y'all. <3

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