Dear Cigarettes,

It's been 5 full days since I had one of you and I just want to say... I miss you. I miss your company when I'm stuck in traffic after a long day's work, trying to forget the idiots that make me hate waking up in the morning. I miss how on a really bright, sunny day, I would go outside during my lunch break and sit in the grass and puff away at your smooth and delicious tobacco, instantly taking me away to marlboro country. I know we went through some rough times, like when you made my lungs whistle loudly every morning, or when i would cough and hack disgustingly every time i got even just a little sick, and the dirty looks that non-smokers would give me every time i brought you along on an outing. And sure, every time I go jogging, I get so out of breath that I become temporarily blinded and feel like my lungs are going to explode...But, really, weren't all the good times worth it? What about when I would tell everyone at the bar that I was going out for a cigarette with boy-that-i-was-crazy-about but instead we would just make out like crazy for like an hour, and then come back to statements like "that was a really long cigarette!". Wasn't that fun? Or what about when I was really upset and I would just smoke you one right after another, until I was feeling so nauseous from my nicotine overdose that I couldn't feel any more emotional pain? I'm just saying, think about it. This patch means nothing to me, I swear.

I still love you,
Y :(

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