Dear Hispanic Guys Who Live In My Neighborhood,

You really turned me on that time that you licked your lips and called out "Mama Sita!" as I walked by your stoop the other day. But you didn't stop there, you continued speaking to me in Spanish, most likely telling me how beautiful and special I am. I don't speak Spanish myself, but I just assumed from your sweet tone of voice that you were saying really nice things. Especially`after your friends burst into laughter and gave each other high fives, I figured you`must have said something so romantic that they mistook your self expression as some sigh`of weakness. Shame on them.

You also made me feel really special by continuing to call after me, even when I had already`given you several dirty looks and walked at least 2 blocks down. This shows me that`you really care about me and that you don't want to just let me go, as some guys would. No, you don't give up on true love and that's what I like about you.

I did notice that you called out in exactly the same manner to that 300 pound black lady, the`one who was wearing the super short shorts and tight tank top that hugged all of her curves so well. But I'm not jealous because I know that I hold a special place in your heart. Please,`don't let the fact that I ignore you and try to walk by you as quickly as possible every time fool you. I am totally into you, and I really do want to go on a date with you. Its just that I don't want to rush into anything, you know what I mean? I'm glad you understand.

Gracias for the many compliments,

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