Dear so-called friends,

Why you gotta hate on the boy? I know he's not perfect. I know I bitch about him not calling, wearing bad shirts, and telling me he's at one bar when he's in another part of town entirely. So we have issues. That doesn't mean you don't have to be friends and blindly support me through this. Jenn - I hate your boyfriend, but I've kept my mouth shut for two years now. (Where is that ring, btw?) Plus, I am way more attractive than every man you have ever set me up with. Your credibility is shot. Kelly - Stop being bitter because you're not getting laid.

He's going to prove you wrong. He's going to call, sweep me off my feet, and we will live happily ever after. So there.

Or not. You still have to support me through my bad life decisions. Step up to the plate.

At least I'm living my so-called life,

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