Dear Today,

It's just past 1 PM, and so far today I have: awoken several times to stress dreams about work; finally gave up the hope of sleep and brewed coffee at 5:15 in the dark, leading to an overflowing coffee pot; forgot to pack a spoon to eat my yogurt; had to rewrite (twice) the contract I wrote last week; remained uninvited to lunch by those coworkers who are closest to my age (and whom I walked right by as they were all getting ready to leave); spilled ice cream on my white pants; almost got hit by a car rolling down the parking lot with no driver (wtf?); and missed the start of the Kenny Chesney song of the day, meaning I couldn't call in to try and win tickets for the sold-out show. Look. I know that none of these are that big a deal, but throw in a crying jag from last night that's kept me in a crappy mood all day, and I'm really irritated. And the girl who won the tickets is adding insult to injury by saying she's taking her boyfriend to the concert.

So, if you could start to improve, I'd really appreciate it. I know you're a Monday, and if my childhood years of reading Garfield taught me anything, it's that Mondays suck. But just a little extra effort? I really am worried that, at this rate, I'll *actually* get hit by a car on the way home tonight.

Ugh. At least I'm having a good hair day.

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