Dear Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch fame),

I love your rugged, weathered good looks. Your sexual deep voice turns me on every time I flip to the Discovery Channel. I do not care that you were born in 1962 and could be my father, I would do you anyway. I've always been attracted to beer-drinking, risk takers and you are the epitome of all that is good and holy in this genre of men. Lets make really outdoors-y babies, and conceive them on the Bering Sea somewhere. Until then, I will continue to drool over your mug on channel 38.

Don't ever shave your stubble,


Bonnie said...

I just found you girls, am utterly entertained and have gone back in history to catch up and continue my trend of not working while at work. I had to comment because I am IN LOVE with Mike Rowe! My boyfriend and I watch DJ and DC regularly and I think I've kept my burning passion well hidden from him. I don't care either that he could be my father AND that he has the same first name as my father. His hotness allows me to forgive and forget both of those detractions. BTW, love the site especially since Adrienne also embraces her utter slackerness!

Jimmy2Boobs said...

I concure with Bonnie. It's like I have found my soulmates.