Dear Ankle-

You know, i'm really sorry i got so crunked out of my mind on Monday night that i sprained you severely. However, you have to admit that it was totally awesome to be crowned second place in the Soul Dancing contest that you never realized that you had participated in. I've got moves even when i don't realize i have them!

But, please get better soon. I would like to wear other shoes than just ballet flats and the single cankle look isn't really working for me. I think my co-workers are beginning to think that i am contracting elephantitis. Also, it sucks to walk on you. Lots.


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Anonymous said...

Dear CJ,

Don't wait so long that you look down one day and say ''Geez, this should have been un-swollen by now'' only to have your doctor tell you:

'' you didn't sprain it, you've been walking around on a broken ankle for 7 weeks''

please don't ask for an explanation of how i might be familiar with such a situation . . .

. . . just sayin'