Dear boy who got my number last night,

You were really cool, like REALLY cool. I was walking to the bar and you stepped in front of me and just started talking. I had to ask you if we had met before because you were so chill. You played along with my "bits" and jokes, were wearing a nationals hat AND are a photographer [THAT IS REALLY REALLY SEXY!]. And apparently not a yearbook or prom photographer [which made you laugh when I asked] but a real "artist". PLUS you were REALLY REALLY REALLY CUTE and I know I have a bad track record with determining the hotness of a guy while I am at a bar but I was pretty sober and your hotness was confirmed by 2 of my gal pals. You even came to find me before you left the bar to get my number and asked in front of my guy friends, I like a guy with guts. So...PLEASE CALL ME and soon.

Obsessively checking my voicemail,

P.S. My whole resolution of waiting until I am involved with someone before I even makeout with them is pretty much out the window.

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