Dear cute/fun Chicago girls between the ages of 21-25,

Will you be my friend? Hanging out with the guitarhero playing boyfriend all the time is getting a little old. I know you have friends already, but I think I'd be a nice addition to your group. We can go shopping, get drinks, perhaps brunch, pedicures... It's not that I'm unpopular... it's just that I don't know anyone in Chicago! Can we please meet and then hang out without it being awkward??

~Deaming of SATC-esq girl-friendships in IL~


La-La said...

OMG me too! I am 22, I live in Lakeview, I'm pretty and fun and I don't have a lot of girlfriends here. And the fact that you read this blog makes me very optimistic... A, maybe you can hook us up so we don't have to put all our personal information on the internet??

(finally settled on a nickname...)

Anonymous said...

be lfurrs friend! i love and miss her.

A said...


I'm a HUGE fan of L.Furr. she is basically one of the funniest people I know and she has a bangin ass (no lie, it's a gift). I woiuld love to hook you up.