Dear Jim Adams of the DC Area:

I met you on Sunday and kinda wanna give reverse cowgirl another try just for you. Trouble is, I can't FIND you. You showed up w/ someone no one knew and I, being naive, felt certain I could track you down after the fact. Hence, I need any of your friends who may be Dear Life readers to tell you I'm looking for you. If it helps, you are tall, lanky, blonde, and were a "virgin" before Sunday. I was the beer bitch and you told me I was doing a good job and I kind of loved you for it. *siiiigh*

Here's hoping that (a) your friends read this and (b) you don't have a girl/boyfriend,

PS I truly believe more people read this than the rando craigslist missed connections. Uhhh...I might still check/post anyway...

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