Dear JLo, Xtina, Jessica Alba, Jami Lynn, Lily Allen, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Fergie... and whoever else is stupid and knocked up,

Does Hollywood not have birth control? Why is every celebrity preggo all of the sudden? I find this to be very annoying. In 15 years your kids are going to be the most spoiled/obnoxious tweens in the world. Also- stop trying to make pregnancy a trend! Did you know at the end of your "glam" 9 months you end up with a child? I know you have nannys or whatever.... The only thing good about this is that I can make fun of you for looking fat for 9 months.

Skinnier than you bitches,

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Anonymous said...

PS- I hope you all turn into awesome celeb moms like Unfitney Spears