dear love life,

if you could stop being pathetically ironic, that would be super.

on new years' eve, i left the house of my best guy friend and headed to the Skeevy House where i hooked up with a 27-year old. he was cool, and we had a lot of fun, and i've fallen in platonic guy friend love with all of the boys that live there.

so of course now that i've been dating best guy friend for approx. 3 days, i go back to the Skeevy House and one of them persuades me to drive him to the liquor store for the sole purpose of grilling me about 27yearold-- asking if i have a crush on him, asking how old is too old for me, annnnd making me wish veryvery hard that i did NOT have a boyfriend.

so basically, thanks for leaving me out to dry for FUCKING EVER and then simultaneously throwing two perfectly viable options at me.

you're a scheming bitch.
stop laughing at me.

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