Hatemail From The Disgruntled

A -

Try landscaping?

Oooh, low blow. You just lost a reader. If you haven't noticed, not everyone is privileged and received swimming classes from mommy and daddy. Meanwhile, those guys were there the same reason you were, to make money. Your blog went from funny to shit.

See ya sucka,


shameless said...

please, nobody reads this blog for political correctness. Your comment may have been a bit off color but it was clearly in jest.
keep rockin'

milazz said...

I bet your blog also pushed britney over the edge to take her kids hostage. her meltdown is all on you A.

Anonymous said...

you're silly if one comment like that is going to turn you off of dear life forever.


cj said...

Hey, just because Mummy and Daddy gave me swimming lessons doesn't make us better than anyone. I am better than everyone because I read Dear Life. And don't take every little goddamned thing so seriously. Landscaper.

Still love the blog, A.


Anonymous said...

Getting offended is a waste of time, because the only person who controls whether or not you are offended is you. Obviously, e, you are a tool.

Jon in Denver.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that it was just one little comment that offended e. Sometimes the people who write on this blog come across as rich and whiney. So I am joining e. Bye bye dear life.

cj said...

Hee hee! The Elitist become more and more, well, elite! Weee!