Dear Adrienne & Carolyn,

I know you are not an inanimate object, but you are part of life. you're actually two individual lives. in case you were wondering, thank you for fulfilling my dream of finding friends in nashville that are not as fake as dolly parton's breasts. not saying that all of my friends are completely made of silicone, but i am merely blinded by all your goodness. and in return for all of your sillies and b.f.f.ness i promise that i will not turn into a large set of upper torso augmentation. And may i remind you that when i dont remember something and uh...seem to be full of what some people refer to as sheee-ot, its just my obnoxious case of ADD and there is a possibility that any marijuana consumption may have intensified this pro(enjoy)blem. dont sketch out.

faithfully your beotch
sica aka tink aka jes

P.S. please tell dear life that I truly enjoy spewing out the thoughts that enter in my mind which would otherwise go unheard

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