Dear Fat Ass Anna,

I have the opposite problem. I wear a large top for my tig ole bitties. bahaha. BUT, I have to wear a small for my nonexistent ass. sometimes I really wish I had more of a ghetto booty so I could at least feel more justified about the music I listen to.

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side,

P.S. I hate how dresses run like 1,000 times smaller than normal clothes. The other day when I went to get measured for a bridesmaid's dress they told me my hips were a size 4(offended), bust size 6(more offended, but kinda ok about it), and waist size 10(give me a noose). When the lady insisted i try on the 10, I walked out with it falling off and told her to hand me something smaller and go fuck herself.

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