Dear Bladder,

I am drinking water because I am freaking tired and trying to perk myself up. Also because I forgot to drink water this morning and so I need to make up for it so that I don't have to add dehydrated to the list of problems I am dealing with today including sleep deprivation, emotional drainage and grown-ups masquerading as toddlers.

Is it really necessary for you to go into apoplectic shock ever time I swallow 1 oz of water? What is your capacity? 1 teaspoon?

We are the same age and I have had to get bigger over the years - maybe you should try it.

And while we're having this discussion, there is some fermented yumminess coming your way so don't freak out. Because I need a beer and you and kidneys just need to do your frickin job and deal with that.

Off to the bathroom (AGAIN),


John said...

Oh, the irony of grown ups masquerading as toddlers. You should consider growing up yourself. If you would abstain from he drama and attention seeking ways of your life, you may not feel the need to write such crap.

A said...

Dear John,

Not sure if you know MK, or if you are just attacking people at random, but it's not nice and it pisses me off. What was the point of writing that? Just to be mean?

People write on my blog to vent and/or write silly things. I'm fine with people being cathartic (i'm totally guilty and mean myself), but not when it's directly hurtful to the people who read it.


John said...

My regrets. No, I'm not aware of MK or who this person is, I was just in a foul mood and took it out on a random blog. Won't happen again.