Dear Passive-Aggressive Neighbor below us,

I very much enjoyed your manly hissy-fit this morning at 8:10AM-- you in your stained undershirt and sweats and me walking right past you in my cute new boots. Go ahead and call the landlord. Your complains about my inside shoe wearing will be answered by my following statements:
1. I did not sign a lease saying I would NEVER wear shoes in the building.
2. You decided to live on the bottom floor stupid face
3. You complained at 10:00PM and again at 8:10AM--Stop sleeping so much and get a life.
4. Unless you want to pay for wall-to-wall carpeting, I'm not doing shit.


PS. Loved your typed passive aggressive note posted on my door.
PPS. I'm Asian, so I don't wear shoes in the house out of respect but I might just to spite you.

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