Dear boy in DC,

You are cute and i am in love with you. This past weekend was incredible, but noooo, you had to go back for silly graduate school classes. Each time you come home, i am faced with the reality that you actually aren't staying, and that's OK and all, but i would really like for you to recognize the fact that you like me too. I'll gladly do the whole long distance relationship thing for as long as it takes. Also- give me an answer/hint soon that you think I'm totally sweet and awesome so i can at least justify the fact that i am not going out with the guys that are asking me out. When i go out with others it makes me feel like i am cheating on you.


Dear Friends,

When i tell you about my "boyfriend" in DC, i wish that you would refrain from asking me "well, whats holding you here?" Because yeah, i want to go to DC. But i can't. Because college is here. Damn you all!! Except ML.


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