Dear Universe:

I can't decide if you love me or hate me. First, you give Neighbor a monster dong of epic proportions. GOOD. You only let me bounce on it once (the first time didn't count since I was too drunk to remember). BAD. Next, you send Hasher boy, who calls when he says he will and actually asked me out to a kicking party on a boat tonight and said that he is going to ask me out again for Friday in person. GOOD. You let me decide to get rager drunk last night, therefore causing me to roll out of bed at 9:15 when I had a 10:00 meeting, so I didn't shave my legs, comb my hair, or put on any kind of decent make-up and have given me no time to go home before boat party to do any of these things. BAD. Oh, and I'm prolly gonna start my period right when I get there. Super, thanks.

I guess it's hate,

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