My friend Paul is an idiot (I<3you) . He's been sending his dears to (aka not me) for the past month and wondering why i haven't been posting them. Someone actually does own that e-mail address though. Today I started g-chatting with this imposter and it turns out he's from turkey. Here's how the convo went: selam
me: kimsin sen sohbet etmek istedin
me: istedin? evet
neyse yalış anlama oldu her halde
iyi günler
me: yea
who are you? *My, name, soot, "Virtue"Oh!, you,
I don't have english
me: hahaha
i can see that what
me: what is your name? how old are you? erdem 32
me: bahaha
im 23 I was glad
me: that makes no sense I didn't understand
me: so, do you like hate the united states or what?
george bush
i bet you hate his guts
its cool i do too
but i would probably get drunk with him SHORT SENTENCES USE
me: ok
you win.
do you like girls or boys? WHO DOES NOT LIKE
me: asexuals I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND
me: i don't understand them either
are you from turkey? yes
me: cool. do you eat turkey? I didn't understand
I could not turn
me: cranberries?

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Paul said...

hahaha. Oh, Erdem. I have a feeling he is going to be g-chatting with me everyday now. He needs to work on his dictionary skillzzz.